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6 Tips to Safeguarding Unaffected Areas of a Home During a Renovation

When people start a partial home or business remodeling or renovation project, the part areas not being remodeled are just as important as the areas that are. There are unaffected parts of the home will require construction dust control and surface protection from passing construction traffic. After a project is complete, you don’t want to have to go back to clean and repair the parts of the home or building that you weren’t even in. Using protective gear such as door frame protectors and dust containment walls are the types of precautions that can save you time and money. Here are some of them:

– Protect windows with protective treatments.
 If there are windows in the home that are not going to be worked on but will be exposed to dust, you need to take the time to apply window films to the area. If you know you will need to open the windows during the renovation process, you can protect them just as easily by putting up plastic treatments. Some people assume it will be easier to remove window treatments but that can be time-intensive and can do more damage than you prevent.

– Protect the doors. Doors can face a lot of wear and tear but this should not start until after they are installed in a home. You can use Entry Shield to cover new door jambs and to protect doors that are already in the home. Door frame protectors work so great that if you do not have them, you may want to pick some up before starting a home renovation or remodeling projects.They don’t require any tape, you just clamp them in place and they then take them off and reuse them on the next project.

– Take care of the furnace. No renovation or remodeling projects are free of dust. They all create a certain amount of it. You do not want to let this get into the furnace or the ducts in the home. If you are not running heat or central air during your project, you can cover all of the local vents with Vent Mask or Duct Cover. If you will be running your HVAC, you can get decent filters to keep a large percentage of the dirt, dust, and debris.

– Take care of the countertops. When working in a home on a renovation or remodeling job, any flat surface makes a great work surface. That includes counters in the bathroom and kitchen. There are ways to use these as work areas and keep them safe with construction dust control at the same time. Before using any flat area as a work area, you need to cover it all with cardboard or paperboard protection products. This can prevent you from scratching it or putting nicks on the counters. Make sure the counter is clean before it is covered. The cardboard has to be clean and free of any debris. If you put dirty cardboard down on counters, you may end up damaging them. You can also use tape to secure the cardboard to the cabinets.

– Put pathways all over the house. When you are working on a house, you need to take care to protect the floors as you do your work. Whether the floors are tile, carpet, wood or something else, you should put down plastic tarps. This holds true for all areas where anyone will be walking. Even if a hallway will only be used sporadically, the floor there needs to be protected. You can get carpet protection film that comes with a self-adhesive. You can also get similar things for other kinds of floor. It is very inexpensive and worth the cost.

– Do not forget to protect the bathtubs. Before you start working on the home, it is important to put some protection on the bathtub. One great option is to use a paint that works as a tub protector. Usually, two coats need to be applied. After you are done with your work, you can just peel it off.

Remember the workers need to be protected as well. Fall-related injuries cause more deaths in this industry than any other injuries sustained on construction jobs. Make sure if the people working at a high height have the right safety equipment.

Doing the preparation work before a renovation or remodeling job is as important as doing the project work itself.


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