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5 Important Benefits Of Using Carpet Shield During Home Remodeling

carpet shield When someone remodels their home with a professional construction company, there is going to be a mess. The construction crew will likely track in dirt from outdoors and well. In homes with carpet flooring, this can go from bad to worse very quickly. Up to one pound of dirt can be hiding in a single square yard of carpet that looks clean.
    1. Prevents Damage: This form of surface protection for carpets is important to stop damage before it happens. In remodeling projects, there are often accidental spills, tears, and stains. Carpets are not easy to clean, and if there is damage to the carpet your construction company may end up paying the repair price. Use carpet shields from the beginning to the end of the project and leave no opportunity for damage.
    2. Easy Installation: You want the project to go as efficiently as possible. Wasting time on a difficult method of carpet protection means that you’re wasting money. Carpet Shield lays down easy, can conform around corners and bends, and can be cut with a standard utility knife.
    3. Easy Removal: In the same way that they are easy to install, carpet shields is easy to remove. Once your crew is finished with the actual work in the remodeling project, just roll Carpet Shield into a ball and discard.
    4. Keeps Out Tiny Contaminants: During any remodeling project, the continual drilling, sawing, and transportation of materials through the construction zone is going to leave behind a lot of minuscule contaminants. While you can clean up bigger tracks of dirt or dust, getting all of the small pieces of debris out of the carpet will be nearly impossible. With carpet protection, all of that debris will be caught before it ever touches the carpet.
    5. Great Durability: It may seem like putting down protection over a surface that will continually be walked on could end up being a hazard. Carpet Shield is the industry leader in carpet protection products. It has a specially formulated strong adhesive that grips onto carpet and prevents to from sliding around and bunching up, and it is made of a very durable puncture resistant plastic.
When you lay down carpet shields at the beginning of a project, you’re taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the rest of the job goes smoothly.


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