Keep your work vehicle looking new! Auto Shield is a self-adhesive film

that protects against tracked in mud, oil, grease and moisture. Auto Shield

covers every square inch, unlike paper floor mats, without sliding around.

It's also highly resistant to tears and punctures.

This protective film for cars and trucks is perforated for easy installation and fits snugly into crevices and over mounds. Sizes range from 21" x 200' to 24" x 600'. For a more heavy duty protection, Auto Shield is available in a 4 mil thickness. Contact our customer service center to receive a quote or for any further information on this automobile protection film.

Part No. Color Size
AS32120024P Clear 21" x 200' 3mil Perf 24"
AS32130024P Clear 21" x 300' 3mil Perf 24"
AS32150024P Clear 21" x 500' 3mil Perf 24"
AS32120021P Clear 24" x 200' 3mil Perf 21"
AS32430021P Clear 24" x 300' 3mil Perf 21"
AS32450021P Clear 24" x 500' 3mil Perf 21"
AS32460021P Clear 24" x 600' 3mil Perf 21"
AS42130024P Clear 21" x 300' 4mil Perf 24"
AS42150024P Clear 21" x 500' 4mil Perf 24"
AS42430021P Clear 24" x 300' 4mil Perf 21"
AS42450021P Clear 24" x 500 4mil Perf 21"
AS42460021P Clear 24" x 600' 4mil Perf 21"

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