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Convenience is what comes to mind when using Surface Shields' door protection film. Door Armor is made from a thick material that's highly durable and will not leave a sticky residue. Protect up to 20 doors from scratches and any other jobsite accidents with two different sized rolls.

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Protect many doors for large construction projects with Door Armor. This heavy duty, co-extruded film resists and prevents marks and scratches. It has a unique resin that adheres to almost all smooth and lightly textured surfaces. Use it on factory finished metal and wood doors, composite, even glass; without the risk of adhesive residue. This door protection film is easy to apply and allows for fast application and removal.

Additional Information

Available Colors Clear
Recyclable Yes
Reusable No
Material Type Plastic
Breathable No
Adhesive Yes
Liquid Resistant Yes
Flame Retardant No


Thickness 8 mil nominal

Film Matte Polymeric

Adhesive Type none

Adhesion Level n.a.

Tensile Strength 2900 psi

Temperature (Ideal) 70° F

Humidity (Ideal) 50%

Elongation (%) 670%

Chemical Name Polyethylene Co-Polymers

Chemical Family Polyolefin Thermoplastic Elastomer

Chemical Formula Proprietary

Trade Name Door Armor™

Material Use Surface Protection


Peel back edge of Door Armor and begin to unroll. Press down edge at beginning of area to be covered so Door Armor adheres. Continue rolling onto door, applying pressure and smoothing down the film while doing so. Carefully cut end with a sharp edge. When finished, fold edge of the film back against the roll to use at a later time. Removal: roll up Door Armor and discard.

Store in clean, dry area at room temperature and keep out of sunlight. If Door Armor is stored in extreme conditions over 95° F or below 40° F allow product to return to room temperature prior to use.

SDS sheets for Surface Shields products available by request.


1 Reviews

100% Of Reviewers Recommend This Product Review This Product

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Great protective material

CalebW We initially bought this product to protect entry doors from damage during our remodels, but found that it's very versatile. We have used it to cover the face and sides of furniture that are in high traffic areas during a remodel. We have also used it in our kitchen remodels. Inevitably there are loose ends even after the kitchen is close to 100% done. We have used this product to cover counter tops, refrigerators, dishwashers, cook tops, and cabinets. It's excellent for preventing incidental contact with a stainless appliance that would ruin the finish and result in us having to buy a new appliance for the client. I make my guys carry a roll in their truck at all times just in case. It's cheap insurance.
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